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Is examining COIs the worst part of your day?

Download our "How to Audit COIs and Endorsements" follow-along tool for an efficient COI review blueprint developed by our team of insurance experts.

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Sample COI

What you will learn

  • Checking for an accurate Insured Name
  • Reviewing policies, effective dates, expiration dates, and policy limits, step by step
  • Examining General Liability, Auto, Workers' Comp, and Umbrella Liability
  • Reviewing endorsements such as Additional Insured, Waivers of Subrogation, Primary & Noncontributory
Sample COI

Hannah Knutson

General Manager,
JLL Pacific NorthWest

“As property managers, insurance is not our forte. Even though we may be able to read a COl and understand it, we can't always be confident that we're catching every little detail.”